Dankra Seed Communities

Dankra Seed
Communities / Societies (Dankra Seed Banks).

Dankra Seed Societies is the African equivalent or superior of the Doom’s Day Vault in Svalbard, Norway; Cummins,2008). Dankra Seed Communities Societies, contrary to the Doom’s Day Vault is based on the Philosophy that the best way to multiply and keep something safe is to share it far and wide, so that when I lose my copy, my neighbor will share with me. Otherwise, if disaster strikes and destroys a particular unit of safety everything would be gone or if disaster strikes all humans off, then there would be no one to open the vault anyway.

The establishment and gradual expansion of these farms will supplement purchases from the smallholder farmers and therefore ensure steady supply of indigenous food stuff (raw materials) for our restaurants. By doing these, we would not only be generating incomes and creating employment for the youth and smallholder rural farmers, but also contributing to promoting and preserving our biocultural diversity, prevention of species extinction, increasing food and nutrition security and consequently addressing SGDs 2, 3, 11 and 12.