Dankra Eco-Restaurant

Is a Ghana-Tourism-Authority-Licensed, non-traditional restaurant that focuses on indigenous, trans-nutritional African cuisine. Dankra aims to promote indigenous ethno-culinary tourism and biocultural diversity against global species extinction.

Dankra is a compound Gonja word derived from two related words, thus; Danŋe (shortened as ‘dan’) which means ‘Cook’ and Krkra (shortened as‘ Kra’) which means ‘bitter’. The beauty and paradox about this name is that, while the literal meaning of the word(s) mean ‘cook bitter’, its intrinsic meaning is ‘delicious meal’ Its complete phrasal form is Dankra-Boche – where the ‘Boche’ loosely refers to ‘woman cook/shef’. Dankra epitomizes; a True Taste of Indigenous African Cuisine; Food beyond nutrition and ‘slow food’ for better health. Dankra was born out of an ‘A’-rated, publicly defended Doctoral Research titled; Starving the Dead, Our Idea of Food: An Exposition of Indigenous Food Science and Philosophy Among the Gonjas in Northern Ghana – Implications and Applications for Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Security”. The Artistic impression of Dankra Eco-Restaurant depicts an indigenous African kitchen setting showing a three stone cookstove; a woman grinding pepper on a slab of rock with a grinding stone in a kneeling position; a woman tasting food from her palm around a cooking pot, a woman pounding fufu in a piston and mortar; two indigenous round huts with thatch roofing and a clay drinking pot.

We provide the world with the most diverse, healthy and traceable quality African cuisine that transcends nutrition (Tran-nutritional Foods)

We Promote global ethno-culinary tourism

Increase indigenous food production, consumption, preservation and multiplication as a means to minimizing species extinction and maximizing bio-cultural diversity through food (through Dankra Ecological Farms and Dankra Seed Banks / Seed Communities).