1st generation cuisine:

(Good, Nutritious, and socio-spiritual foods that have never made it to the urban dining table and even hard to find even in the rural areas / households, hardly served even during traditional festivals. And their seeds or foodstuffs are at the brink of extinction. Many rural folks have even forgotten how they are prepared – many young generation children do not know that at all and can’t identify with them).

2nd generation cuisine:

(Good, Nutritious and socio-spiritual foods that are served in a very limited manner in very ‘rural chop-bars’). Usually served during festivals only, many people still remember them but have no clue where and how to get them well prepared. Examples are; Wasawasa, Tubani, Gable, etc

3rd generation cuisine:

These are still served in May towns and cities in the urban centres except in foreign restaurants. They are usually referred to as Local Foods. Examples are; Banku, TZ with Ayoyo and bra soup